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Finding new friends to play your favorite video games is now quick and simple.Tixij allows you to find games you enjoy playing with other players anytime and anywhere.- Post a status of your favorite game to play with others!- Find others who are playing games you enjoy and join them!- Write comments, chat and have group conversations with your future friends about games you enjoy in common- Filter games and consoles to suit your likes and interests!- Get notified when new friends leave comments on your statuses!- Add video games you enjoy playing to your favorites.
Thank you so much for taking the time to download Tixij, it means so much to us. We hope you enjoy and have fun using Tixij!!
If you ever run into a problem or having any difficulties, please let us know!! We want to make Tixij fun for you, so our team will do everything possible to help solve your issue. You can email us at support[at] or reach out to us on social media @tixijapp